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2022 Interior Design Trends

Whether you’re planning on selling your home this year or are looking to upgrade your space, design trends are worth watching year after year. What’s in and what’s out changes regularly but unless you’re staying aware, you may find your home is out of date and one day, difficult to sell. So while there’s something nostalgic about The Brady Bunch house, most buyers—and homeowners—are not looking for a 70s trip back in time.


There are many resources available online to stay up to date on interior design trends. Let’s first dive into what we’ve found are trending already for 2022:



Color trends for this year have one thing common: soothing and calming colors. Perhaps this is in direct response to the ongoing pandemic. Or it could be time for certain colors to cycle back around. But one thing is true—there are as many opinions about color trends as there are belly buttons.


Two well-respected resources of color trends are Pantone, best known for their Pantone Matching System, and Sherwin-Williams, ranked as the #1 paint manufacturer by PCI/Paint & Coatings Industry. For 2022, Pantone has named Veri Peri as their color of the year. Resembling a cross between violet and periwinkle, Veri Peri brings an upbeat, feminine vibe to whatever project you’re working on. The color is neither pastel or bright but somewhere in the middle.



Sherwin-Williams also took a middle-tone approach with their color of the year, Evergreen Fog. A muted, warm tone, Evergreen Fog offers users a “color” while maintaining a sense of neutral. The brand also offers coordinating colors that work nicely alongside it.





Top interior designers have chosen curved shapes, textures, and nature-inspired interiors as trends for 2022. These can be seen in a variety of places including furniture, wall and tabletop decor, linens, and light fixtures.


Texture can be found everywhere, from rustic paint finishes on furniture, natural fibers such as sisal and woven basketweave, and natural materials used in unusual places (terra cotta on a desktop, travertine on planters, etc.).


Houseplants will have a moment this year as many designers use a near overabundance of them in their designs. Some even cite the pandemic for this as interest in indoor plants has peaked as more folks stay home and cultivate their nesting instincts.


Also likely a result of more time spent at home is the no-curtain trend. Wide open windows allow a connection with the outdoors and increase a sense of space. While minimizing the need for cleaning and maintaining window treatments.



Moody, small spaces continue to be on-trend with bold wallpaper choices and deep paint colors in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mud rooms. The effect brings the walls “in” while putting the focus on other things such as the countertops, sinks, appliances, and storage units.



Curvilinear furniture has been popular for a few years now and the trend will stay strong this year. Read: round mirrors, circular ottomans and chairs, and accessories. 


You may have heard the term “Grandmillenial” over the past year or two. The label refers to a design aesthetic that combines modern design with hints of “grandma’s decor”. This could be anywhere from ‘40s to ‘60s design with a modern color palette. Or vintage used in a modern way. Another way to to think of it is a rebellion against mid-century modern, a revival design style that has been popular for a few decades now. Grandmillenial style will continue in 2022 as the mixture continues to be seen in interior design magazines.



The laundry list, disputable to some, includes all-white rooms, boxy sofas, modern farmhouse (gasp!), and minimalism. However, there’s nothing wrong with keeping these looks for a least a few years. But if you’re looking to sell your home eventually, you’ll want to make sure you don’t sit on these styles for too long.


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