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Real Estate Investing: 4 Properties Investors are Buying

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The mountains of north Georgia and western North Carolina are popular areas for real estate investors, offering multiple options for investing. But what are the different properties and strategies for creating wealth through real estate? Let's take a look at some options.

Long-Term Rentals

Buying residential property for long-term rentals can be a good option for investing in real estate. With this strategy, you buy a home and rent it to tenants to generate income. You’ll always find people who need homes but can’t afford ownership. Single-family homes can be popular for this type of investment. However, there are also options for multifamily properties with up to four units. Having multiple tenants on one property can have advantages.

Vacation Rentals

The market for north Georgia and western North Carolina vacation rentals offers many opportunities. Many of the towns in the area are becoming popular among tourists. Along with that, there is the trend of many vacationers preferring to rent homes instead of staying in hotels. Investors buy vacation homes and generate revenue by offering short-term lease agreements. Mountain homes and cabins are trendy for this type of investment.

Homes for Resale

Buying a home and renting it to tenants can be profitable. It can also generate long-term income. However, house flipping can still be profitable if you know what you are doing. With house flipping, you buy a property, make improvements, and then sell it to another buyer for a profit. These investors are looking for properties that have low prices but high potential. In many cases, the homes need repair work or a complete remodel. Most of these investors have a background or connections in construction.

Raw Land

Investing in raw land has significant potential to turn large profits. However, there is usually more risk with these investments. One advantage is that you can buy it at lower costs than developed land. The disadvantage is that it will likely take a long time for the investor to see a return. Building something on the property can be a way to increase its value, but it takes time and investment. Developments in the local market can also cause the value of raw land to increase. However, those developments usually happen over the course of years.

Bottom Line

The mountains of north Georgia and western North Carolina have for many years been a great place to buy a home providing a getaway for vacationers whether they are buying a home as an investment or a second home to escape to. It’s beautiful in the mountains!

Are you interested in real estate investments? Click here to contact The Mountain Life Team. Our team can help you find the right investment properties to suit your style and budget.


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