5 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Cabin To Rent In Blue Ridge GA

290-Katahdin-Drive-Mineral-Bluff-GA-30559-24I cannot think of a better way for you and your family to Enjoy The Mountain Life than to spend some time in a Cabin in the North Georgia Mountains. However,  instead of you renting a cabin for a vacation or a weekend get-a-way, why not purchase one for your own personal use and then rent it out when you are not enjoying it yourself? If you get the right advice,  you could make an investment that would pay for your very own vacation or get-a-way and you might possibly even make a little something extra!

5 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Cabin To Rent In Blue Ridge Georgia

  1. The “WOW” FactorLet’s face it, every successful Cabin Rental in Blue Ridge GA has got to have that something special that makes you say….”Wow” when you pull up. We are often asked when working with cabin buyers in the North Georgia Mountains which is better for renting, a cabin with a mountain view, or a cabin on a creek or lake? Some may argue with me, but for the best overall ROI (Return On Investment) I would say that a cabin for sale with a mountain view would be the better choice. There are a couple of reasons I recommend a cabin with a view. First and foremost, a cabin with a mountain view can be enjoyed by adults of all ages. Sure the younger children may not appreciate the mountain views, but it is doubtful that most Grandpa’s can make the hike up or down the mountain to the creek, as is the case for most of our North Georgia Mountain Creek Front Cabins. Much less get in the creek, right? The second reason to consider is the fact that a cabin with a mountain view can be enjoyed throughout the entire year. How many renters do you think will be sitting beside the creek in the middle of January? If you want an Investment Cabin that will make a great rental cabin, invest in a cabin with a Spectacular Mountain View! I have heard many, many more “Wows” when walking out on a deck with an incredible mountain view than one overlooking a nice noisy creek.
  2. Decor’ And Making Them Feel Right At Home –  When you think of a Cabin in the Mountains, what do you picture in your mind? Believe it or not, many cabin renters are now focusing more on decor’ than you may think. I hear of renters now searching online for cabins with a certain motif.  Some folks like a bear motif, others fishing. It really doesn’t matter, the point is this. Whatever decorating style you decide to go with, give it a mountain feel and do it well. Potential renters are coming to the mountains and want to feel like they are in the mountains. Great decor’ and not your parents hand-me-downs, and whatever you do please do not buy new furniture for your primary home and bring all your old stuff to the cabin. Just like many businesses, word of mouth and repeat business will keep your investment making money for you.
  3. Picking The Right LocationWhen considering the area of Blue Ridge Georgia you would like to search for your new investment cabin, keep a few things in mind. You want to be sure the cabin is as convenient to town a possible. Folks love the shopping in downtown, the selection of restaurants and of course the seasonal festivals. Blue Ridge is continuously drawing record numbers of visitors a year, so I feel it is important to make downtown as convenient as possible. Easy access is another important factor to consider when it comes to location. Gravel roads can get old after a while and could certainly hurt your repeat business. Consider purchasing a cabin with all paved access and if the community is gated, well that is just a plus. Outdoor Adventure is also enjoyed by many visitors to the North Georgia Mountains. You might consider the Aska Adventure Area as one location. Here you have access to Lake Blue Ridge Homes For Sale, Cabins For Sale On The Toccoa River, trout streams,  mountain biking trails, hiking trails and even the beginning of the Appalachian Trail.
  4. Hiring A Good Property Management CompanyHiring the right property management company is a vital part of a successful Cabin Rental in Blue Ridge GA. Be sure to do your research and take a good hard look at their online presence. Just like in real estate where over 90% of our Buyers are searching and finding their real estate agent online, so to are folks searching online for the perfect Cabin To Rent in the North Georgia Mountains. So you want to be sure that their site is easily navigable, showcases the properties well and they are well organized, and of course you want the overall look and feel of the site to be warm and inviting.  After completing your online research, take the Top 5 Choices and make a few calls. You should be able to narrow down to your Top 3 just from getting a feel of the customer service received when speaking with their staff over the phone. Now make appointments to sit down with your 3 choices and obtain as much information as you can. Information on how they market? How they service the properties and what are their policies and procedures are on that? How much commission you will be paying?  Most importantly, you want to know  just how will it work when you and your family want to come to the mountains and use your cabin yourself.
  5. Protecting Your InvestmentI have gone into so many highly successful cabin rentals and often wondered how in the world do they ever rent it! Nothing turns a renter off more than a rundown cabin. Curb appeal is just important to a renter as it is to you as a potential purchaser. The outside needs to be kept up and well maintained. I always tell my clients to pressure wash the entire exterior of their cabins at least once a year, but preferably twice a year.  The same could be said for the inside as well, keep it clean and maintained. Let’s face it, rentals really takes it’s toll on the cabin. Floors and walls get abused, and the furniture gets worn out. Be sure to set aside some of the income each month into your very own escrow account for maintenance. If you want to keep it renting, and renting well, you really need to keep the cabin fresh and inviting. Cabin Rentals In Blue Ridge Georgia are a huge investment, and if properly maintained will bring you years and years of good returns.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any questions that was not covered in this article, please Contact Me or call me directly at 706-994-8686 and I will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I really hope you take advantage of some really great opportunities for Cabin Rentals In The North Georgia Mountains. It is a great way to Enjoy The Mountain Life. We consider ourselves to be Advocates For Mountain Living, and we would be glad to assist you with your search.

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